Once joined, how do I?

This is the water spigot in "off" position"
This is the spigot in the "on" position
How to build your 4x8 box. You will buy 3) 8' long 12" tall UNtreated pieces of wood. Home Depot will cut 1 of the 3 pieces in half. That is enough to build your box.
Once your box is built, fill it with 6 wheelbarrows of compost (the county has it for free if you have a large truck for pickup, or you may buy it onsite from us for $10 per wheelbarrowfull). Add 6 bags of organic soil (Home Depot sells for $5.82 per).

Remember to add organic fertilizer (follow directions on bag). You also will need to keep it fertilized throughout the growing season. 


Water is the other most important factor. Check your garden (especially in high heat), 2-3 times per week. 

Get to know your fellow garden renters. Perhaps they will water your plot if you water theirs.


Ask questions. I am happy to help. Doug Reynics

(404) 313-3873