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The location can be found here: garden. It is just outside of the Mountain Creek subdivision on Hugh Howell Road.




For your convenience, we are now offering prebuilt beds, filled with everything you need (soil, compost, fertilizer). You  pay the $60 annual fee, the $125 for the wood, soil, compost etc (1 time fee). Then just come and plant in your new bed! For details, please message Doug Reynics (on the contact form).

Our new bee hive as of the late spring 2014.

Our garden space!

This is home to the Smoke Rise Community Garden! We are now renting plots as seen by the Hill family and their new plot!!!! 


The garden spaces are each 4'x8'. They are available on a first come first serve basis. There is currently a limit of 2 plots per family. This will allow more families to participate. 


UPDATE 7/17/2014

There are a total of 56 beds in the garden. As of 7/17/2014, We are currently offering 1 bed for rent. After this is rented, we are at full sell out. Please contact us to be placed on the waiting list. 

One of our 18 food pantry beds!
A current renters square foot bed.